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The Advantages of Selling Gold Jewellery

Sell Gold Jewellery

Selling your unwanted gold jewellery is a great way to make money in the current period of high gold prices. You can sell your gold jewellery to us in any condition as we use the gold to produce new jewellery using a refining process.

You will even help the environment when you sell your gold! Selling your old gold jewellery is the new way to help the environment while you make extra money on the way. Recycling more gold jewellery means less demand for new gold mining. With the increased demand for gold and other precious metals, mints are challenged to find their sources of gold. Mining, unfortunately, can have negative impacts on the environment. However, if you sell your gold to us, you are helping to reduce the demand for mining because your items will be melted and turned into investment-grade gold!

One more good reason to feel good about selling your gold jewellery!

Please visit us at our office in Adelaide’s CBD, where our passionate and well-trained team is ready to help you with any matters from gold jewellery to diamonds.

We also buy diamonds at very competitive prices. Having the advantage of a fulltime gemologist, which is also a certified valuer, provides the advantage of quotes on the spot and having someone that you know and can trust has the appropriate knowledge to value your diamonds.

Visit us in our Adelaide office and we will see what price we can offer you for your gold and silver valuables.

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